About Soberupdates

Founder; Nawal El Masri in special edition cape by http://www.exhale.ae
Photo by: Hasan El Sayed

Soberupdates started during the month of November in 2013.
Founder Nawal El Masri started it as an Instagram page to seize the anxious thoughts inside her head by deciding to vomit her thoughts, feelings, emotions, and beliefs in hopes to find like minded individuals who vomit or think the same.

The reason the page is titled ‘Soberupdates’ is because she had found herself mainly vomiting emotions when sober rather than intoxicated. In-fact she described her intoxications as magical journeys to happiness, ones that are free from thought and anxiety. This is when she realized the true power lies in our SOBER brain. It holds a power to either destroy you or take you on a power-trip of success and self-awareness, but of-course you need to decide the path.

Soberupdates’s community highly believes that inking your thoughts on a paper is efficient to those who feel exactly what you do yet suppress. You give them a green light to vomit. Expressing the way you look at the world, the feelings you experience is magical. There are so many different perspectives yet we only see our own. But to ink your perspective is to teach and inspire, not only others but your own-self.


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