The Story of Exhale

It all started on an island that shun so bright and beamed with exquisite white and blue colors.
It was the first time I had ever landed in Mykonos, Greece and oh was I excited to experience the serenity of the water wrapped around my skin whilst the sun kissed every inch of it.

Unfortunately, I had flown and crossed the ocean just to find myself immobilized and suffocated.

I was stranded in an unfamiliar breathtaking place – emotionally suffocated – with a storm surrounding and hugging my entire being. The waters raging high and the winds rushing quickly on by. The rain rushing down from the sky as if the island needed more water to drown itself in.

My dear grandfather, my father figure, my best-friend had passed away two days after I had landed. The storm raged the same night I received the news and at that very moment I was in awe – at that very moment I believed in the unity of the universe and how it aligns itself with you if you truly just pay attention.

I was sure the universe cried with me, it mourned with me. I felt alone with no boat or plane to take me back home. I had to deal with it. I had to breathe and deal with death, ironically. And that is the only thing that truly helped me get by, reminding myself to breath, to exhale. I have suffered with anxiety since the age of sixteen; starting from seizures, to panic attacks and physical pains. That night; not only did I have to mourn the loss of a remarkable human being
but it was the first time since nine years that I had to face my anxiety alone. It was the first time that I was put in a position to handle it without any 911 calls, without any family member by my side and that alone weighed a ton. With mind control and a whole lot of breathing, tears, calmness, non-resistance and letting it all out, I got by the first night.
I was so proud of myself that I almost forgot what I was going through.

Today I thank that night for showing me that I was and am capable to be in control.
Going through this loss I can officially say today it transformed me and made me.
I never thought I would be able to mourn my beloved Grandfather on my own while
gazing into the storm on an empty balcony in an unfamiliar place. The universe shook me.
As much as I was suffering the loss of him all the while I was in awe with how harsh this life can be but all the while so beautiful. It was a paradox all together.

I inhaled and exhaled, inhaled and exhaled on that balcony for 24hrs until the sun came out and the birds sung loud and the ocean smiled bright. All of a sudden it was a brand new day – the storm had passed – and my tears ran dry but in my heart remained a very deep hole.
One so dark and hollow, one I can no longer possibly fill.
Until I found something to live for.

Loss has caused me to start my brand exhale – a brand that exists to tell stories and speak aloud. A brand that aspires to inspire through art, music, creativity and visual journeys.
Exhale exists to remind you that despite the storm, despite the harshness life can bring, despite how hard life truly gets – the sun awaits you and you will shock life and yourself with your own strength. Exhale believes in unity of all things created on this dear, fragile earth and that you must create something to live for. To exist and rise just the way you are.

If we unify ourselves we will most definitely unify the world and all things in the universe will align with us. The loss of my grandfather has took me on journeys, endless journeys that till today continue. Spiritual, professional, soulful and educational journeys. This to me is the irony of loss and death. It is inevitable but it is what you make of it that will surely count.

Believe in the power of you.

The power of your inner strength is truly the real power to achieve all that you have ever dreamed of and more. Just believe with all of your being in the strength and vision of you and you will surely achieve.

Doing so has caused me to start something to live for.
I create endlessly with exhale, for exhale and for the consumers and clients of exhale.
It is what I live for. It is what fills the hollow dark hole within me. To motivate, inspire, speak bravely and continuously learn & grow.


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