Lost, misused, and maybe out of place.

Maybe you dont belong.

More of where do you belong?

Who are you?

What makes you?

What breaks you?

Which path do you steer too?

Which signs do you follow?

Is that path you chose the real you?

Or is it a camouflage of all the paths that pressured you?

People tend to misuse you and mistreat you.

The person you are could be guilty for being an attestant or witness to the case of chaos.

Guilty or innocent?

Innocent for being dragged by the worlds most misleading mosh pits.

There at night  is a lonely you of wonders,

is a lonely you of fear.

A you that needs to find oneself,

figure oneself,

stand the ground tall knowing every aspect of oneself

and being sure that this is no camouflage, there is no mosh pit stealing me away, this is who I am, this is me.

Lonely nights of wonders, they’ve become so powerful.

Didnt solve world hunger, yet only that of what made me wonder.

People maybe a mosh pit, people may mistaken you to a fool.

But at the end of the day, those nights aren’t lonely.

Look up, God is with you.

All the good things i have done, at the end of the day, no mosh pit,

no person shall feel pride for misusing me.

At the end of the day it is all for God.

He who shall give me power to empower all the misleading people who walked into my life

He who shall give me patience to those who don’t appreciate.

He who shall give me a wise mind to chose who is right and who is wrong for me.

He at the end of the day is my God and My only who will lead the path that will configure all the missing parts of me.

So it is then, that I thanked all those people who did not appreciate,

It is then when I thanked those who mislead and misused me.

It is then when I thanked them all.

Because then and only then, I started to be the person I should be.

A person who gives their all to their creator and believe deeply

he will solve it all with ease the same way he got them all in with ease.

Life is an experience,

Will you follow?

Or will you lead?

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