Everything but the TRUTH

She stands out to be very sagacious and precious

She speaks out and will prove you wrong

you’ll back off and think she’s right

you’ll bend and break thinking shes proficient

She talks as if she’s got it all

She talks as if she’s energized with happiness

But when it all comes down to the truth of her

When it all comes down to what she really is

It comes down to the sad truth hidden all  with angelic beauty

It comes down to when the shiny glass shatters down to her feet

When one smart person discovers that unseen glass of her that is put up like a brick wall

Some take years to notice, some just need time

By the end you’ll realize

Shes maybe insecure

Shes maybe a little lost

Something is missing and it maybe love

Lies, deceptions, and misrepresentations

Fake tears and fake nights

Promises of which she never could keep

It all falls down to a false life that we know of her

The truth lies somewhere in her head and in her heart

The truth only lies in herself

One day she will learn how to trust and with trust shall come truth

For one should feel sorry for such a person with such little trust

For when one receives a good soul along the way

It’s your past sorrows that will eventually lead this poor soul to stray

Its your poor past that will lead a loving and trust-able heart to run away

Dont remain alone for you will be-friend no one but your head and heart

Dont remain isolated with convincing yourself no one is worth the truth

For you will lose what matters most in your life such as the people who love you most.

Shes unexplainable.

Shes a broken soul with a broken heart.

She chose clean glass to protect her from her own past.

Shes insecure covered with a smile.

Shes fragile coated with solidity.

Shes innocence ruined by arrogance and ignorance.

Shes a pocket full of sunshine covered by a dark cloud.

Shes everything she says she’s not.

She’s everything she says she hates.

She’s everything but the TRUTH.

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