Dear Thoughts 2013 Vs. 2019

Our thoughts tend to carry us away.
They tend to take over us and try to control us.

I mean when insomnia hits you know thoughts are after it.
Unless you drank to much caffeine.

I wrote thoughts a letter:

Dear thoughts,

Today I smiled, today I laughed,today I was alive.

One reason was because I stopped thinking.

You and I don’t work well together, actually you and any human mind don’t work well.

When you’re in my life you bring me down.

You drag me on my knees, make me pop pills.

You make my heart race when its not suppose to.

You make the doubts and wrong decisions come along.

You poor in the negative thoughts.

You make me end up with wrong people.

You make me go left when I wanted to go right.

Im sorry thoughts I cant continue with you in my life.

I’ve decided to stop thinking. Ive decided you do me no good.

You have put me to ashs but im back on fire now.

Unless you want to come around with positive things, please understand.

it’s not you, it’s me.


I wrote the above piece back in 2013
I read it again today January 24 2019

I realized I didn’t know better but the me today would say it is not thoughts it’s ego that should be shoved away and put to sleep.
Its ego that the human brain does not like or work with.

Dear Ego,

Back in 2015 I thought it was my thoughts I needed to get rid of.
Today I came to a realization that you have been camouflaging yourself as thoughts and tried to drive me mad this whole time.

Im happy to say; that I have shed you away.
And that I have finally spotted and unravelled your truth.

It is funny to see how small and irrelevant you are.
It is funny to see how ashamed you finally feel of yourself.

I hope to see more people awaken to the truth of you.

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