Your Daughters Best-Friend

I come across your photo often as posts on your children’s social media accounts and there is a pain inside of me that triggers every time I see you.

I remember the day…
A piece of your daughter went away with you.
I felt it.
I witnessed it first hand.
It faded.

That day she picked up the phone.
I saw that piece of her leave.
And I cried as I saw it drifting away from her.
And to witness that was painfully RAW

A part of her smile, a part of her laughter, a part of her cheer, a part of her positive side, a part of her mind, a part of her beauty, and a part of her softness all drifted as your soul drifted away.

It scared me because a part of us always dies with the ones we love, dead or alive. And seeing it made me believe that one day the whole of us will leave this world too. Its true things will never be the same.
None of your family members will be complete again.
A piece of them has left this world and is with you in heaven.
One day you will all be complete, together, reunited.

But two things remain currently complete, and that is the paradox and beauty of life. Your memory, and your last name.

Forever in our hearts and prayers!

With love,
Your Daughters Best Friend

In memory of my best-friend’s father 

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