On The Contrary

“Turn your heart to stone.”

On the contrary:
Don’t allow a damaged soul to disrupt your mellow heart, for it is a treasure from God to actually feel.

One must think it is a treasure and a gift to have the skill of turning a heart to stone but little do you know a heart of stone does not feel therefore it does not sympathize, it does not believe, it does not mend for anyone not a mothing nor a father or a sister. One should master their mellow heart, then protect it.
Stone your emotions against the undeserving but not your heart; stone the path that may lead to destructing a mellow heart.

Don’t allow cold-hearted souls to bring you to disbelief and that this world is not worthy of your spirit’s passion and adoration.
This world is filled with exquisiteness but you need to be able to sense, to see.
Keep in mind a cold heart turns into a black heart.
Master the ability to keep out the cold hearted, black hearted ambiance away from your flexibility, because vibes do end up messing with each other.

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