Its one of those days when you you’re not really feeling sober.

Haven’t consumed no alcohol

But pretty much a lot of life

Drowsy and dazed

Sick and droopy


A feeling in the stomach thats got you all moody

Sometimes its really hard to be that great person you have planned to be in your head.

Sometimes falling on ur knees and scrapping is all you can give until you learn to be that person.


Sometimes you get all judgmental

Sometimes you make mistakes

But somehow it wakes you

And eventually makes you


Most of the time your taken away

By infatuations and life as a whole

Juggling friendships and relationships

Juggling feelings that seem to be all over the place

Figuring the right from wrong

The good from bad

The deceiving from the loyal

The hurtful from the comfortable


A maze is what it all is

Created in the brain

Controlling the heart body and soul


Learning as we breathe and survive

This craze of a life

Learning and witnessing

Stressing and aggressing

Loving and admiring

Are they all together or is it one or the other


There is no way out of this maze

Because this maze is called life

This maze is part of the human structure.

All together we suffer all alone inside our maze of a head

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