Being there.

I realised what is tougher than when you are going through something in your life is for people to stand by your side.

“Overcoming a storm that is not yours is merely a preparation for your own upcoming storm.” – nm

Its not happening to them so they wont know how to deal with the situation.
They wont toughen up to stand by your side because eventually it will effect them.
The negativity of your situation will get to them.
The tough times. They make everything.
Wether it is something pathetic or tragic.
It is very tough to be able to stand by someones side.
As we grow older we try to preserve our positive energies
We try to make sure the vibes around us are pure, happy, well and filled with life because life isn’t so gentle, we all have our issues so we need to create this positive aura around us. If you are to stand by someones side means you are giving up a piece of this to go through something negative. And that is why you wont find those who are around you on your highs there on your lows.
Not everyone holds the strength to bare other peoples storms.
Everyone just wants to be on the high.
And that does not make them bad people, or bad friends.
But life doesn’t work that way.
Strength & belief are key to overcoming any storm.
And overcoming a storm that is not yours is merely a preparation for your own upcoming storm.
Life is a cycle. We all live the same life just in different bodies and we all will eventually experience the same sour taste of things we never want to feel.
Choose wisely what you do and don’t do for people. Eventually you’ll need them too one day. Life is all about giving, taking and helping.

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