Pain and no gain

We search for it
Long for it
Wait for it
Think of it

Like a magic spell upon our soul
It heals all our troubles.
Our wandering minds settle.
Our wandering souls meet.
And nothing wanders any longer.

Your reflection becomes flawless.
Your inner soul so positive.
Your dark eyes find their sparkle.
And your side smile lengthens.

When you wake up there’s suddenly a reason.
When you get out of bed there’s suddenly a form of happiness.
You look forward to that next day.
Better yet you enjoy the present more than any other day.

Despite all its magical beauty.
No magic can get you out of its misery.

Its not a game to be played.
Its not a hobby to pass your time with.
It is real.

Danger inhales you.
You are ironically captivated.
As happy as you may feel, you are trapped
Trapped in happiness.
But everything vanishes at one point.
And once this happiness is gone you are left with nothing.
Back to scratch with a bag of emotion and no place to go.

It’s a magical trap filled with beauty.
How many traps do you really want to be in?
Because down that dark hole is pain.
The lust and infatuations slowly perish.
The bright smiles and positive thoughts fade.
And when you thought all your heart would do is beat, you will discover that it can severely ache too.

You will find yourself in a loophole, lonely.
When you wake up you will feel empty.
Many reason to get out of bed but none that you will be able to see.
It will blind you.
Your soul will soon again wander.
But this time a little further than before.
Your mind will wander.
But this time a little crazier than before.
Your eyes will loose their sparkle.
And your body, it will weaken.

There is no magic to cure this.
Some die from the ache.
Some grow stronger from the suffering it has caused.
But I still wonder why, why is there the magic to change the pretty into beautiful, yet no magic to fix the broken?

How many wells are you willing to trap your soul in?
Because in the end all it really is , is pain and no gain.

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